The Linked Golf Success Story – Connecting Golf Buddies


Ever watched those suave golfers on screen or in person, wishing you could step onto the course yourself? This case study unveils the magic behind a social media golfing app that’s making golf accessible to all.


For those passionate about golf, coordinating a round with their buddies often feels like solving a complex puzzle. Who wants to wait for the stars to align when planning a weekend golf round? 

Enter Matt Quatrani, driven by a vision to revolutionize golf connections. His dream – an app designed to mend this gap between golfers and their buddies. He approached Techtiz and we answered his call with agile software development solutions to turn his dream into reality, right on schedule.

Together with Matt’s vision and our expertise, we introduced Linked Golf – where forging connections among golfers becomes effortless. Swift setup, seamless interface – Linked Golf wins accolades from golf pros to novices. It’s a groundbreaking solution bringing golf fans into a united community.

What the Client Envisioned 

Our client’s vision was to create an app that facilitates seamless connections among golfers, allowing them to effortlessly coordinate playing times with fellow enthusiasts.

Matt wanted the app to make it easier for golfers to find others to play with and ensure everyone is on the same page about scheduling a game. Here are just some of the features he wanted in the app:

  • A social network designed exclusively for golfers, allowing them to interact, communicate, and share their experiences in one place
  • A calendar where users can plan out when they will be available for a round of golf
  • A notification system that allows users to stay informed about upcoming games
  • A QR code scanner that lets users coordinate with other players

He wanted his dream app to solve the conundrum of having to call everyone up one by one to know who is available when. He told us that with his app, all it should take is one message or notification, and the player will have a full foursome in no time. 

With such to-the-point project requirements, we accepted this challenging yet exciting project.

The App Development Requirements

Here’s what Matt needed help with:

  • Frontend 
  • Backend 
  • QA
  • Project management 

So naturally, we brainstormed how we’ll carry this project forward with the least micromanaging needed. We scheduled calls, zoom meetings, and messages with Matt Quatrani to ensure we’re on the same page. Since seamless communication is the biggest feather in Techtiz’s crown, we upheld our standards. 

Our Plan for Linked Golf 

Techtiz believes in realistically guiding the clients about the project journey. And just like that, nothing was held back from Matt. We shared the possible issues, how we plan to solve them, and what he should expect once we’re done with his app, i.e., Linked Golf.

Key technologies included in this project were MongoDB, Flutter, and Firebase. The team also provided QA support. Linked Golf was built as a full stack Flutter Web-based mobile application using MongoDB as a backend and Firebase.

We began by breaking down the project into its various components. The first step was creating a user-friendly interface where golfers could search for other players based on location, skill level, gender, preferred courses, etc. Once they found someone they’d like to play with, they could connect with them through the app and view each other’s profiles. This way, they could get to know each other better before heading out on the course together.

The next task was designing an easy-to-use scheduling feature so that users could quickly plan a time for their round of golf. The app allows users to select from multiple options like “5 days from now” or “next weekend” to quickly find a date and time that works best for everyone involved without having to call or text every person in their group.

Matt is now happily using Linked Golf, and it’s becoming increasingly popular among serious players and casual fans alike. We couldn’t be prouder of what we created!

Techtiz – Standing Tall with Transparent Communication and a Grounded Approach

When Matt approached us for Linked Golf, we instantly clicked. Our experienced developers worked closely with him to guide him through the process. We kept up consistent communication and let him know what was happening every step of the way. This is what he had to say about us:

“I was looking for a partner, not just a freelancer. I wanted someone who could give me good feedback on development lifts and effort in order for me to stay within budget yet be able to still add value to the end users… My app was relatively complex and they made it seem simple. I loved that I can rely on Mohsin and the team to figure out the best and most feasible approach. I can’t thank them enough. They have helped me reach a huge goal and chase down a dream. I don’t think I would be where I am today without their skills, expertise, and friendship. I highly recommend using these guys. I know I plan on working with them again in the future.” (See complete review here)

The app is now live on both Google Play and Apple Play Store, where it’s growing as we speak. 

Linked Golf’s success stands as a resounding proof of Techtiz’s unwavering dedication to deliver top-notch solutions promptly, with a laser focus on client satisfaction. We take immense pride in propelling Linked Golf towards its goals and unlocking fresh opportunities in the digital arena. Backed by our developers’ extensive cross-sector expertise, your project is assuredly in the finest of hands!

In a Nutshell, Linked Golf Clinched an Impressive Win – for both Matt and Techtiz! 

Techtiz strives to bring our client’s visions into reality through innovative digital solutions. 

The Linked Golf app that helps golfers easily connect and plan times together without hassle – all while providing plenty of opportunities for fun along the way, is our success story.

Our client loves it, and judging by its increasing popularity among avid golfers everywhere, so do many others! 

If you’re looking for a partner to create your dream app, you know where to look.