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It’s an App that connects people to local activities that address the realities of climate change in your neighborhood. As pollution is affecting global environment, there is a dire need for providing insights to the community so that they can work together to enhance their surrounding environment.

TechTiz systematically design Dashboard.earth app suggests appropriate actions that can assist you to convert your city’s audacious environment goals into reality.


  • Connects people to local activities that address the realities of climate change in your neighbourhood.
  • Suggests actions for securing abundant local water supplies.
  • Signifies ideas and practices for diverting landfill waste.
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Qartt Partner

Qartt is a UK-based delivery company that helps businesses to deliver and keep track of their orders. Due to coronavirus restrictions businesses become digital, there became the gap between interaction, the important package used to get delayed affecting businesses operations.

TechTiz developed qartt partner that allows businesses delivering packages to make great money while keeping track of personal schedules. It also allows businesses to focus on their product, making life easier and saving from the hassle and expense of managing your own delivery team.

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  • Displays orders with respective postcodes along with the time of order placement, order preparation, and delivery
  • Displays the driver’s location and ETA in real-time
  • Notifies the driver when they arrive at the location of delivery
  • Allows users to search postcodes and fill in user details to place customized orders
  • Displays orders that are in Queue, In-Progress, Delivered with complete order details
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Qartt is a UK-based application that connects businesses and delivery partners. In reality, for businesses managing delivery teams and tracking their productivity is a big task. TechTiz helped qartt to Develop their idea into a real-time application that enables companies to keep a track of their orders, provide riders with optimized delivery routes and allows them to manage their products seamlessly.


  • Notifies the driver when a new order is assigned.
  • Allows the driver to see all of his/her active orders.
  • Provides an optimized delivery route for drivers and constantly updates the driver’s location.
  • Shows remaining delivery time and notifies when the driver reaches the delivery location.
  • Allows drivers to manage their shifts.
  • Provides a record of delivery history to drivers.
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It’s the revolutionary mobile app that allows users to transform their fitness efforts into BNB rewards. As the covid-19 has badly disturbed the world’s order and put everyone into financial crisis. On one side people were fighting covid and on another hand was striving to earn money for survival. People were in need of digital platforms and applications to earn money seamlessly. TechTiz developed Step application that is precisely designed by using proprietary algorithms that counts the user steps and other fitness activities and adds BNB crypto rewards in their user’s account. Thus, people can stay fit and earn money all in one place.


  • Earn BNB crypto rewards with every step.
  • Track fitness activity, earn BNB rewards and be the best version of you. Same effort, more results.
  • Get rewarded with BNB when you work out and stay fit. With Step, it’s never been easier to make money while staying healthy and active.
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The resource is an online marketplace for brands who are interested in selling their products to targeted audiences. The previously online marketplace was only available as a peer-to-peer (P2P) shopping marketplace, Resource Marketplace has expanded to include merchant selling. TechTiz has developed Resource digital platform to accommodate businesses and help them with an opportunity of interacting with customers across the globe, as the e-commerce ecosystem is becoming omnichannel with more and more opportunities to sell services in different places. Giving brands a chance to capitalize on the interactions taking place on Resource.

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  • Retailers on Marketplace will be able to get their brand and Services into the marketplace.
  • Marketplace surfaces products relevant to consumers, helping your business find the right customers.
  • Businesses can list down their products and services seamlessly.
  • Customers can easily view their orders and can remove them at any time.