Techtiz Case Study–Qartt Partner App


Challenge: Optimize the delivery process for riders to enable blazing fast delivery, while tackling customer support bottlenecks for partner brands.

Solution:  Developed a mobile app that streamlined the delivery operations for partners by scheduling and tracking the orders in real time, and facilitating the riders by estimating the shortest route to delivery.

User Group: Logistics and Transport, Restaurants and food vendors, Businesses looking for delivery partners.


About the Client

Qartt is a UK-based company that specializes in third party delivery services. Since its inception in 2015, it has always been on the lookout for innovative technology solutions for  order delivery for businesses across the board. Leading brands have partnered with Qartt to chalk out seamless delivery solutions for their customers without the hassle and expense of maintaining their own delivery fleets.

The Project

The post-pandemic mushroom growth in online shopping with the introduction of contactless delivery, zero cash payments, health protocols, and more had significantly complicated the delivery process. Third party delivery companies like Qartt struggled to enhance their efficiency and minimize costs to support their shipping and logistics solutions for their partner brands.

Qartt onboarded Techtiz to straighten out their delivery process roadblocks for both their drivers and partner brands.

The Challenge

The drivers, and the partners, both are critical stakeholders for Qartt. Integrating the needs of both to ensure efficient delivery operations for the end users was a tough challenge. 

Close analysis of the problem by the Techtiz team identified the following:

  • The Qartt app did not have any functionality that could estimate the accurate time of delivery. This caused frustration and communication difficulties for end users as well as the administrator overseeing the delivery schedule.
  • There was no way for the drivers to know the shortest route for order delivery. 
  • The orders could not be tracked in real time. So the delivery status could not be established by the end users without calling the administrator.
  • The administrator did not have access to real time data about the rider locations as well as order completion times. He/she could not allocate and schedule new orders efficiently.
  • Being unaware of accurate order delivery times, partners had trouble responding to customer queries about order completion.

The Solution:

By focusing on the needs of all the stakeholders involved including the partners, riders and end users, the wonder team at Techtiz came up with the following functionalities for the “Qartt Partner” app:

  • Provides an optimized path for the riders to make their deliveries more efficiently.
  • Displays orders with respective postcodes along with the time of order placement, order preparation, and delivery
  • Displays the driver’s location and ETA in real-time
  • Notifies the driver when they arrive at the location of delivery
  • Allows users to search postcodes and fill in user details to place customized orders
  • Displays orders that are in Queue, In-Progress, Delivered with complete order details
  • Lets the drivers estimate an expected time of delivery to improve scheduling bottlenecks
  • Dark interface for the drivers app made it easier for them to use the app without straining their eyes at night.
  • Light interface made it easier for partners to operate in bright lights.


The Outcome

By brushing up on route planning and optimizing delivery times, we reduced the number of missed deliveries and late arrivals. We also notched up the service quality by upgrading communication between the drivers, partners and their customers. 

Now, each rider can deliver 25% more orders in the same amount of time, and partner brands can drive up their customer satisfaction rates by providing real time estimates of delivery times.

The Qartt partner brands can now process more orders for the same number of fleet members and provide a glitch-free experience for their customers..

Project Duration: 4 months

Technology Stack: Flutter, Map Box, Firebase, .Net