Why Flutter Has Taken The App World By Storm


The digital world has seen many powerful disruptors and new technologies over the years, but none have had as electric of an impact as Flutter. 

As a groundbreaking mobile application development platform, Flutter has helped catapult app creation into a new era, allowing developers to create beautiful and functional applications with relative ease and speed. 

For those design-minded entrepreneurs seeking to streamline the app-building experience without compromising on the quality aesthetic—Flutter is your answer. 

Read on for details about why this revolutionary platform has taken the app world by storm!

  • Cross-Platform Development 

Developers can use Flutter to write code once and then deploy it across multiple platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and the web. This eliminates the need to write code separately for each forum and significantly reduces development times. Additionally, developers can hot reload their apps in real-time while writing code, making for faster development cycles and more efficient debugging processes. 

Besides cross-platform development capability, Flutter also allows developers to create attractive user interfaces with ease. With its advanced widgets library, developers can quickly create intuitive UIs with beautiful animations that look native on all platforms. This makes it easier for companies to create a unified experience across different devices and operating systems. 

  • Excellent MVP Development and Launching 

Since Flutter uses a single codebase for all platforms, it takes much less time than other technologies to launch an MVP (minimum viable product). Plus, since all the major features are contained within a single codebase, as opposed to multiple ones, it’s much easier for teams of developers to collaborate on projects without worrying about compatibility issues between different sets of code or languages.  

Developers can promptly push updates across all devices at once without having to worry about different sets of code or language incompatibilities. And since developing in Flutter is relatively easy compared to other technologies such as React Native or Swift/Objective-C, new developers who don’t have any previous programming experience can get a project up and running with minimum trial and error. 

  • Hot Reloading 

 The phrase “hot reloading” has become synonymous with Flutter. Hot Reloading allows you to make changes to your code in real time without restarting the app or waiting for lengthy compilation processes. This means you can quickly see how your code changes will affect the user experience and adjust accordingly. 

  • Custom Animated UI Of Any Complexity Available 

Since UX is at the forefront of app development, Flutter emphasizes it. Developers can build apps with different complexity levels to ensure the final product doesn’t lag, regardless of the device it runs on.

Flutter enables developers to create highly interactive and visually appealing user interfaces with minimal effort. With its wide range of widgets, developers can build a robust, functional interface without having to write complex code. What’s more, its integration capabilities allow you to integrate third-party libraries and services into your applications easily and quickly, giving you access to more features. 

  • Customizable Widgets 

Flutter provides a wide selection of widgets that can be used to customize an app’s design and user experience. The widgets are designed with the Material Design language, so they look modern and sleek on all platforms. Flutter also allows you to create custom widgets from scratch, so you have complete control over the look and feel of your app. This makes it easy to give your app its own unique identity. 

  • Native-App Like Performance 

Flutter apps offer users an experience that feels like native apps on their device due to its use of the Dart programming language. Dart compiles code directly into native machine code, which means that apps written in Flutter run faster than those written in other languages like Java or Kotlin. This makes for smoother transitions between screens and fewer lag times when interacting with an app, resulting in a more streamlined user experience. 

  • Platform-Specific Logic Implementation 

Another reason Flutter is such a hot favorite amongst app developers is that it facilitates the implementation of platform-specific logic into mobile applications. Thanks to this feature, developers can create apps tailored to specific device platforms without having to rewrite any code. This results in more efficient coding and faster development time as developers do not have to spend time rewriting code for different platforms. 

  • Increased Time-to-Market Speed

Because of its robust architecture, Flutter enables developers to build apps quickly, allowing them to get their products into the market faster than ever. With Flutter, developers can write a single codebase and deploy it across multiple platforms, saving them a ton of time and resources. Additionally, Flutter’s Hot Reload feature allows developers to make changes in real time, meaning they can quickly test features on their devices without manually rebuilding their applications. 

  • AOT and JIT Compilation Types

Flutter utilizes two types of compilation, AOT (Ahead-of-Time) and JIT (Just-in-Time). AOT compilation precompiled Dart code into native machine code for the platform it is being built for. Such compilation makes startup times faster because the compiled code does not have to be interpreted at runtime. On the other hand, JIT compilation compiles code during runtime, resulting in improved development speed as developers can quickly see changes made to their app without waiting to compile. 

  • Reliable Community Support

Despite being new, Flutter has many resources to support developers who wish to learn and use it. The official documentation is comprehensive, and many online tutorials can help developers get up and running quickly with their projects. Additionally, the Flutter community on Github and Reddit is highly active and helpful. Developers can rely on this community to answer questions about working with the technology. 


Flutter is truly a revolutionary force in app development, sweeping the industry with its magical capabilities to create eloquent mobile apps. 

Making app development faster, more efficient, and pleasing to the eye, Flutter changes the way we look at mobile app design with its native-app-like results, customizable widgets, and, above all else, lightspeed time-to-market. 

Not to mention that its easy learning curve and helpful documentation make developing apps easier than ever before – making this wonderland of possibilities within everyone’s reach.

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